The Story

I’ve never liked New York City. It scared me. Since I was a young kid whenever I heard of New York City, it was associated with all the bad stuff. Robberies, murder, muggings, mean people, darkness, and just a place I should never go to. So you can imagine that the first time I finally went to NYC all of those fears came with me. Sure enough, I left the city with a horrible impression and vowed to never return.... Until the next time I went.

Five or Six times later, I finally enjoyed my time in the city. It was a rainy and cold day in February and there I was walking the streets of New York, this time though with a mission. My mission, which I chose to accept, was to see the city with new eyes and to leave with an honest interpretation for myself. Sure enough by the end of the day, I fell in love with New York. The people were great, the food was amazing, and my experience was unlike any other. Traveling with my best friend who has a unique obsession with the city let me call all of the shots. I got to choose whatever I wanted to do, see, eat, and experience. I had my camera with me and even though I’d had this camera for a few years, I had not really let my passion come out.

I was standing in the middle of Time Square already soaking wet from the rain and I felt it. The electricity of what so many people describe from a moment in New York. There was so much to see, hear, and take in. It’s better than anything portrayed on television. It really is beautiful and electric. We met so many people and decided from there we wanted to cover as much ground as possible while we were there even though it was raining so naturally we took the Big Red Bus. Hand down, the best way to see the City. I captured my best photos to date from this bus as like so many other photographers I’ve read, it’s the best way to see any city.

It was from right here in the back of the double decker bus that my passion for photography was reignited. I felt creatively free and I could not want anything less than to pause these moments in time and create something that would last forever. A way to not only ignite a passion and freedom within myself but to capture a pure and irrevocably unforgettable moment for others. I wanted to share that passion, gift, and taste of happiness with everyone. It was there on the final stretch of our tour back towards 56th and Broadway, Brunette Empire Photography was born. It is my deepest hope that I can bring this kind of joy to others as I help capture those swift moments of life that come and go in less than a blink of an eye.

To candidly capture life in a way that will transport you back to that specific moment in time where you wish for the moment to last forever. Preserved and preciously kept in ways that will rekindle love, happiness, and freedom.

We are building an empire on memories.

We are Brunette Empire Photography.

Cori Emmalea Rodriguez

Photographer, Owner

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